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i'm a college student at LSPR jakarta and i'm just a stupid and silly girl who's not mature enough. i'm 18th, and in a relationship with dicky hamonangan pasaribu. :)

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009


i spent my all day long just sitting around my laptop,

errr, it was so boring!
i started to boring with facebook, and any other kind of websites i usually visits!

but there's nothing i can't do instead to ONLINE!

rather than i eat all day long, it's better for me to online right?

you know, my berat badan is naik naik trs

and i decide to took diet program, but it always fail because of yeaaahh you know i cant stand not to eat!


OYEEE, i wanna tell you something
my little brother made their own facebook

i thought whats for gtu loh dy bkin fb!
tpi drpd dy merengek rengek all day sm gw, finally gw bikinin deh yaaaaa

my talkactive lilttle brother yayayay :)

ohh yeee, i already edit my blog
yaaa please be advised, i'm a gaptek person
so sorry if its not good

okeyy i think i must stop to online right now, because my daddy told me to stop playing internet
because tagihan bisa meledaaaak duarrrrr krn gw online trs dr pagi

bye all

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