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i'm a college student at LSPR jakarta and i'm just a stupid and silly girl who's not mature enough. i'm 18th, and in a relationship with dicky hamonangan pasaribu. :)

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

bosaaan to the max!

hey guys, (hr ini gw bnyk2 sekali memposting d blog ini)
but its okeyy.
gw bnr2 ga ada kerjaan bgt

dan hingga malam menjelang pagi buta ini, mata gw tdk mengantuk sama skli.
ohh thx god :(

you know, when you stuck like me right now
i suggest you to play looklet

you can mix and match your style in there

some of my creations

just try it guys, it was really fun, i swear :)))

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