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i'm a college student at LSPR jakarta and i'm just a stupid and silly girl who's not mature enough. i'm 18th, and in a relationship with dicky hamonangan pasaribu. :)

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009


first of all i wanna give my special thx too nichan :)

for helping me edit my blog

right now i had newest templates for my blog!

i tried many times to edit it, but i cant :(
but nichan help me to did it

thankiies nichaaaann i really appreciated your help

give some comments about my newest layout yahh



2 komentar:

nisanichan mengatakan...

aduuh disebut2, jadi malu. :"> hihih thanks to you too odii.. :D ciee,, layout blognya ungu ungu.. hakhakhak

Marrylane mengatakan...

odiiey lucu baaaaaaanget :D

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