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Kamis, 23 Juli 2009

holiday has come! yayay

fa fa fa finally i have finished my FINAL EXAM!!!!
you know i feel great, i dont know how the result is, but i dont care about it. i just excited about my HOLIDAY!!!
my last updated was i really want to holiday right?remember?

and now, holiday has come!!

i planned so may things to fill my holidays.

my friends told me that they had a plan's to go to
'UJUNG GENTENG' for enjoying our holidays and also farewell party *i think not party jg dehh hahaha.
hmph, first so sorry to say, i'm not so excited guys
hmphh, but i think its oke lahh to go there, i also want to go to beach and my friends told me that ujung genteng is very awesome!!

i'm not really believe with him/her but my friend told me to googling for ujung genteng for sure!

oke i searched for that, and ya ya ya you know i fou
nd a lot of pictures of ujung genteng that TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!!
oh my oh my, when i saw the pictures i felt like in heaven *sounds to much* but seriously that beaches looks so peacefully.

here's the picture

i just cant wait to go there,
aaaaa i hope my mom and dad allow me to go there.

coz you know, my mom reaction when i told her about ujung genteng

me : mah, ujung genteng dmn sih? *basa basi*
mom : ohh di sukabumi, bagus tuh pantainya, knp emangnya?
me : hmphh, ngga ma ntr tmn2 kls odi mau perpisahan kls disitu
mom : ohhhhhh

my mom reaction is only "OOOOHHHH"
is that positive response??isn't it?
hmphh i'm not quite sure.
hahahhaha, poor me beybii

pray for me guys

happy holidays all *bagi yg merasa liburan saja hahahha
smoochi smoochi

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